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The Hauss-Helms Foundation is committed to the support of education, in accordance with the wishes of its founders, who believed that education was of major significance to the progress of human society.  The Foundation devotes a major portion of its resources to providing grants to young men and women residing in Allen and Auglaize County Ohio, who attend colleges, universities and technical colleges throughout the nation.

Founders:   Bessie Hauss Helms    
    Walter B. Helms    
Trustees:   N. Thomas Cornell   Douglas S. Jauert
    John D. Johnson   James S. West
      Michael A. Burton
Past   Bessie Hauss Helms   John J. Connaughton
Trustees:   Walter B. Helms   John R. Haehn
    James E. Weger   Vincent G. Hudson
        Robert C. Lietz

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