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How are the colleges paid?

Educational Grants are paid directly to the college, university, trade or technical school. The Foundation pays for tuition, fees and on campus housing. Books are paid if they are billed through the university.

Each new grantee must provide the Foundation satisfactory evidence of enrollment at a college, university, trade or technical school no later than August 1. The Foundation then issues letters to the college, university, trade or technical school listing the Hauss-Helms grantees and grant amounts for the upcoming academic year. The college, university, trade or technical school then invoices the Foundation for each semester/quarter for each grantee. The Foundation pays only invoices submitted from colleges, universities, trade or technical schools. Invoices submitted by grantees will not be considered.

Must current grant recipients reapply each year?

Grants are for one academic year only. Recipients must reapply each year.

If I only attend two quarters of a three quarter academic year, will the grant be divided between the two quarters attended?

No. The grants are divided among the quarters/semesters for the entire academic grant year. If a quarter/semester is skipped or the recipient enrolls in less than 12 credit hours, the grant will not be paid for that quarter/semester. However, if during the grant academic year, a quarter/semester is missed and a balance remains of the grant, the summer quarter/semester may be funded if the full time criteria is met.

What is an academic grant year?

An academic grant year runs from the fall quarter/semester through the spring quarter/semester.

If I did not get a grant this academic year, may I apply next year?

Yes, the grants are for one academic year only. Whether you are a new applicant or a renewing applicant, you must reapply each academic year. The grants are never automatically renewed. The grant application may be obtained as stated in HOW TO APPLY.

Is there an age limit on the applicant?

No. Anyone may apply for the Hauss-Helms Grant provided the application criteria are met. See, ABOUT THE FOUNDATION and APPLICATION INFORMATION for additional application criteria.

What is the usual amount of an individual grant?

The grant amounts vary on the amount of need of each applicant. The amount of each grant is solely determined by the Trustees. Individual grantee needs vary on the college, university, technical or trade school attended, family contributions and other financial aid received. Grants have ranged from 1,000 to $7,500 individually, based on need.

What does the Foundation consider as an "independent" applicant?

You are considered an independent student if you are age 25 or more or are married and you were not claimed as an exemption on your parents' most recent federal income tax return.

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